Why Partner with Us?

Is your organisation 

  1. Failing to meet your budget because of increased sick pay and agency costs? 
  2. Not meeting your KPI’s and Regulatory Standards?
  3. Experiencing communication challenges which affects team performance?


Are these issues critical for you to resolve right now?

If the answer is yes, then that’s the reason why you need to partner with us.

We assist Operations and Frontline Managers, specifically in the Health and Social Care Sector, to reduce high absence and recruitment costs by learning how to:

With over 25years frontline and operational experience within the healthcare sector, we deliver a proactive service based on in-depth understanding of local needs and challenges.

Our training programmes addresses what is needed to make a difference to your service.

Other benefits your organisation will enjoy by engaging with us include:

1.  Strengthen your recruitment process

2. Increased productivity as a result of:

3. Increased efficiency and cost effectiveness

4.Increased customer satisfaction

Compliance and Safeguarding

We take compliance and safety seriously.

Our training programmes are in line with industry best practice, regulatory body standards, relevant competency framework and also takes into account local needs and challenges.

Training Request Form

Kindly complete your training requirements on the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your needs further.

To request further information please contact us on 01793 507705 or send an email to locums@qualityplus.org.uk