Benefits of training with Quality + Locums?

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Founded by Senior clinicians with passion for best practice in Healthcare, Quality + Locums delivers role specific courses for healthcare workforce. Our aim is to help close role specific skills gap within health and social care industry and create high performing teams.

We run accredited courses for individuals and organisations across uk. Our courses are delivered by highly experienced trainers with special interest in the specific fields.

Course duration varies form half day to 5day courses. We welcome anyone interested in addressing particular skill gap within their current role or looking for new skills to progress in a new role.

Whether mandatory or skill specific training, we ensure the course is relevant and meaningful to what you do and not just a tick box process!

Call us on 01793 507705 or send an email to to discuss your needs or enquire about our courses.

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We desire to serve you well. Uploading your CV will help us to gain an insight of what your current role entails and where you are now. Our trainers will take this into consideration and ensure your particular needs are addressed during training. We will also give you a call to discuss your individual needs before the training.

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